Law Enforcement

Our work is centered around Law Enforcement

Our team, composed of veterans, law enforcement officers, private security, investigators, educators, survivors, and advocates, stands ready to provide unwavering support and collaboration. Skull Games is a force multiplier and an invaluable resource of OSINT analysis man-hours that provide law enforcement the information they need to identify and find predators. Our daily operations, rooted in open-source intelligence and persistent hunting, are designed to complement and enhance law enforcement initiatives. By integrating our expertise with yours, we aim to strengthen counter-trafficking efforts, offering not only actionable intelligence but also the dedication required for long-term success. 

Be a protector

Together, we can defend and protect victims of trafficking and ensure those who exploit them are held accountable. Our fight relies solely on the generosity of our donors. We cannot do it without your help.

Partner with us

Partnerships with Law Enforcement agencies is one of our largest tasks. We are dedicated to providing assets and resources to work with, through, and by agencies looking to bring an end to sex trafficking.

Skull Games is a 501(C)(3) | EIN: 92-3817043
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