Oppressors Beware.
We Hunt Predators.

Identify. Interdict. Empower.

We provide analytical and operational support to Law Enforcement Agencies to interdict sex predators.

We identify Predators and their Prey to enable Law Enforcement to interrupt the cycle of exploitation throughout the United States and help victims pursue a life of hope and freedom.
We interdict predators for pleasure and predators for profit. We directly support Law Enforcement by providing actionable leads to arrest, prosecute and imprison sex traffickers, and offer victims a path to freedom. This enables Law Enforcement to conduct effective and efficient counter sex trafficking operations.
We empower communities with purpose. We help the community better understand sexual exploitation and better recognize indicators. By coordinating with other agencies that provide aid and assistance to survivors of sexual exploitation, we help victims and their families on their journey to rebuilding and restoring their lives.
we make an impact
starting with you

Learn how to protect yourself, your community, and your family, and start being a better leader with our online courses meant to empower every person to have a part in stopping the problem and how to be a better leader for your family, team, and community.

Skull Games training courses are based on years of collaboration with Law Enforcement, academic researchers, victim advocates, trafficking survivors, and Skull Games Task Force experiences. Our Law Enforcement (LE) courses are designed to complement resource-constrained LE, ensuring sex-trafficking safe havens are disrupted and eliminated. Our community courses are designed to help participants understand sex trafficking and better protect their families and communities.

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Individuals and Communities Trained
Sex Predators Arrested
Predators And Victims Identified Online
Victims Recovered and Offered Services
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Together, we can defend and protect victims of trafficking and ensure those who exploit them are held accountable. Our fight relies solely on the generosity of our donors. We cannot do it without your help. Through our Gear Locker and partnership with War Tribe Gis, proceeds go directly towards counter-trafficking. Your support makes a world of difference.